Zurich, Zwork, Zwerk, a city in Europe whose location is unknown and also impossible to pronounce the right way. Zwörk was settled in the 12th century during the Stoner Age by rabid men who were looking for a place to set up a bar to have fun and dance. However this was a failure because women avoided the area and homicide rates went up a new high so the men named it Zurich to attract bankers. This started to be a huge success for the cavemen and apes alike.

Banking Capital Edit

Zwörk became the largest producer of stone currency and trading in all of prehistoric Europe and thanks to the first Intercontinental Stoner Convention of 20,000 B.C. and women started to move in with the men and raised banking families. However the continental shelf started to shift and became unstable and Zwörk sank to the bottom of Lake Geneva.

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