Zop, a demi-god of the old days worshipped during the Zoppist Movement who took control of the world governments and tried to overthrow the United States.


This has been a theory for decades if the god Zop is really a deity. Some Zoppists have formed a rebellion against the Bush Administration to force recognition. When John "Zeus" Kerry came to power the Zoppists tried to overthrow the false god and establish him as head of the people.

Apparently he was wrong as the Zoppists got pissed and called upon Hatros the Godslayer to rip off Zeus Kerry's head. This was a foolproof plan and Hatros ripped off the head of the false god just as the prophecy was written.

Zoppist RebellionEdit

The very unimportant facts about the Zoppist Rebellion against the World was written down in the annals of history of the Earth. Nobody cares about how it played out in the early days of the *yawns* chicks......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........*cough*................."Shut up Andy Dick!"..................*farts*

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