Women of the World, a huge controversial book on women's breasts how they interact with men. Banned in 18 countries and also on the planet Venus for being too lewd for skimpy Venusian women.

History Edit

Women of the World was written by an unknown pervert who went by the name of BloodyKitten1955 and was published by the now defunct Stupid Bookz publishing company. In 1999 Nancy Pelosi wanted to remove the book from being sold due to its contents and also for her picture that wasn't included. During a huge debate Hilary Clinton said "I don't think these people are ready to be mature enough for such a scientific book" and wanted Pelosi to apologize for her Communist ways.

Then in 2003 a huge Supreme Court Case was held called Pelosi vs. Board of Farting Executives ruled in favor of the author and stopped Pelosi from publishing her How to be a Commie in anyway shape or form. Then in 2009 the book was published in 25 different languages and also became a major success.

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