Sexy wife, the ideal wife for man and the mother of his children. A wifey provides pleasure for her husband. Her smile is beautiful, her breasts are perfect, and her personality is also great. Yes sex is great because she's your wife and you love her.


Life According to WifeyEdit

Wifey needs support from hubby all the time. Her petite and sexy body needs a strong and muscular husband to please her and comfort her when she's on her "curse" every month.

She cleans the house with her mommy clothes on and her udders makes the food for hubby. Yeah that's the life of a wife she's also nurturing and caring but don't piss her off or else you'll have a bad time. First it will appear in court that you assaulted and also then you'll have to pay milk taxes on her udder usage.

Milking your wife's udders!Edit

You want to learn how to milk your wife and don't know how. Well first you bend her down until the udders sag and then starting at the nipple you squeeze. Then she let you drink her milk that comes out of her nipple her udders. It's its a moment that a man has been waiting for a long time for just a drink her milk out of her breasts.