Fleshcam, a tool that girls use to expose their boobs and butts on the Internet and chat rooms.

A first time webgirl

OMG!!! what the hell is that?Edit


Sometimes webcams would show different things like a fish in a girl's throat and dancing in peanut butter. OMG that's the first thought in your head as you see a really sexy girl with three boobs and sitting there and smiling. You crave her flesh a wanting to milk her udders and you realize she isn't real.

"What's your problem?"Edit

Then your female friend comes in the room and opens the door and says "What's your problem?" and your guilt kicks in and you hug her like a pansy and then she kicks your ass. Then she takes a hammer and smashes your computer. But you remember that you have an extra computer hidden away from this hammer wielding maniac.

The b00b danceEdit

The boob dance is part of the camera show and also the main attraction girls do boob dances. Well more bigger the boobs the the dance is better. The more boobs are boobs the dance is a waste of time.


Then a striptease happens and that's the best part of the show every girl wants to flaunt her stuff and struts her body.

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