ITS CHINA DAMN IT, a corrupt dump of a nation that's near the world's most populated country of 89.9 trillion people. This country has mutants and alien space clowns and puppet shows with the Chainsaw Monkey Man that scares people with his disenfranchised prices on adult chainsaw toys. The Legalese language is spoken here by brainwashed people.



The United People's Republic of Neo-Fascist China was founded in 2000 B.C. by a robot named Shang-Shang-Banga-Banga and his powerful charm was known to be irresistible by the ladies and hamsters. Mao Zedong overthrew the official named Poopoo Dung and murdered him to see if he was really the one. Then Mao's last week of life was spent throwing up everything he ever ate since the Great Fart Forward. The Deng Xiaoping era saw the massacre in China Will Remain Communist Revolution, and banning the people's choice of democracy. He ordered 29,000,000 Ass Clowns to massacre the protesters in Chinaman Square.

Xiaoping died from too much flatulence and he soiled himself to death. Nobody knows what really happened to Hu Jintao and now it's speculated that he was a robot with an agreement to destroy the Chinese Government and then Xi Jinping fled the country to get out of China.

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