The U.I.F. logo was created in 1983 by Larry Cybernik.

U.I.F. the international organization of "new countries" who worked to keep the Internet safe. However fate had other plans for their weapon called Facebook. The founder was Larry Cybernik (1942-1989) who was killed by a maniac in 1989.

The Downfall Edit

The U.I.F. were butchered by their FB-3000 model robots in 2002. Then planned the assault on them when the company sabotage one of the FB-3000 nicknamed "Cousin" and all hell broke loose.

Reestablishment Edit

The United Internet Federation was reestablished by the people's government after defeating Mark Zuckerberg in the Battle of Capitol Hill. Many servers died that day however they prevailed and defeated the enemy and Zuckerberg forces. Also Twitter and Facebook join forces to fight the tyranny of Mark Zuckerberg and his evil army of hipsters.

Jurisdiction Edit

The United Internet Federation has full control over all the sites as an independent cybernation and also they represent the internet as a whole for future generations to come. Since the abolition of net neutrality the internet is more free to make their own decisions giving power back to the people and the service providers. The FCC is hated by many however they're the ones who saved the internet once and for all.

The Prussian Investigation Edit

Now the internet is trying to figure out the Prussian Investigation and why is everybody making a big deal out of it.