Sweater meat girl, a hot woman that likes to dress up in sweaters to show off their bosoms. Her fetish is sweaters and tight clothing her rack hardly fits her huge bazongas.


Sweater girl describes a fashion look made popular in the and 1990s by Hollywood actresses which was exemplified by a tight sweater which emphasized the wearer's bustline. The look requires the woman to wear a tight sweater and her bra size to be from 35DD to 36ZZ, sometimes called a brabuster, which raises and separates her breasts. In its original form, the look was often tied to the promotion of new bra technology.

Donna Zed EraEdit

Interest in the Z-bras increased after Donna Zed wore one during her 1990 Exhibitionist World Tour. By that time, the style was regarded as erotic and provocative. Some countries banned the Z-bra from being made due to the huge size of the cups.

Sweater Girls International ConventionEdit

The Sweater Girls International Convention is the new organization that makes it possible for sexy girls with big breasts to flash their boobs in sweaters and without feeling shame.

The activities include wet sweater contests, sweater boob bouncing competition, and the Miss Sweater Meat pageant.

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