Stuffin', a whole bunches of things put together only to be stuffed into something.


She's not a type of stuffing you want


Stuffing in the relationship takes practice:

  • 1 Girl and 1 Boy
  • 1 house and 2 cars
  • 3 bedrooms and 5 jobs.
  • 6 people and 4 strangers.

DO NOT mix them up rightaway or you'll get a mess to clean up. This also can result in jealousy, unprotected sex, rage, suicide, murder, and life in prison.

Stuffing LawsEdit

  • What you stuff into something won't stay in it for long.
  • Do not eat stuffing it has a lethal side effects
  • All stuffing goes bad sooner or later.
  • Don't ever make stuffing without a meat grinder.

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