Person with smartass syndrome, a common syndrome that affects the brain and the mental state. Its symptoms is hoarding, smartass remarks, superiority complex, and trashy talk, and becoming a social outcast.

History Edit

Smartass syndrome has been recorded throughout history as dumbass syndrome of the head or dumbassitis that affects the nervous system of the brain by a dumbworm.

Common Signs & IssuesEdit

Morbid smartass syndrome is caused by the huffing of assweed that causes delusions of hoarding, rash remarks, uncontrollable urges, grandiose, superiority complex, smartassness, and trashy talk.

"Shut up I know more!"Edit

The "Shut up I know more" phrase is quite common in a smartass's vocabulary. This is cured by a kick in the ass kick and then a whack to the frontal lobe.

Development Edit

Yes you can be born a smartass and became worse as you get older. You'll start saying offensive things to people for fun to a barrage of insults to the point that you are pissing people off.

Stereotypes of Smartasses Edit

  • Republicans were once accused as being cold and hateful smartasses until the Liberals were eventually exposed as the most smartass political party in the world.
  • Smartass syndrome is not real, WRONG it's just as real as other syndromes.

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