Sleeping around syndrome, a disease that makes a person sleep with different people every time. It is the most common sleeping disorder in the world and there's no cure for it. Also there is treatment like drinking caffeine, Prozac, and Redbull are all the temporary relief from sleeping syndrome. However side effects include fatigue, depression, full bladder, and sometimes drug overdose.


Sleeping with FriendsEdit

The worst thing a person could do is sleep with their best friend. That's the biggest social blunder anyone could do. You'll never look at that person the same way again and also you wouldn't want to go out to lunch with them for a long time.

Strangers in the BedEdit

Sleeping with complete strangers is a stupid thing to do! Why would you share you clean bed with a dirty person? You'd think you have every damnable thing under control until you get an STD and spend the rest of your miserable life in motel rooms. Get protection you idiot your just seconds away getting a nasty disease.


Sorry dumbass there is not a cure yet so you're screwed!

Social ReactionEdit

People will began talking about sleeping at work and this will begin unwanted gossip.

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