Carnal pleasuring, seduction is a way that a human female wiin this situationer mate. But there's freaking consequences the fact that you're engaged or married you cheating pig.


Types of Seductive BehaviorEdit

Flaunting the breasts is a form of seduction and it works too good in most situations.

Shaking your ass is a form seduction shaking that booty yep that's right shaking that butt. women were born to seduce man get a mate and also catch them in awkward situations that will last only a minute.

Wrong WayEdit

But sometimes this fails miserably if the woman doesn't give up her chance to get a mate but sometimes emotions get to the best of women. Posting yourself in exposing ways like in dirty magazines isn't seduction.

This means the magazine industry is failing because of people some women want their money makers exposed. The term money maker isn't very appealing to the public. If you called your own body a "money maker" chances are you're not making a damn cent.

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