Scandals make the world go round- Unknown

Scandal, is a way to make money or to make a person look bad in business and other spectrum scandal is also a way put the blame on others. Also scandals or sex scandals are more popular then the rest. However this is not always true the more people are you the more people want more and more and more. Usually scandals last only one day or a year. Some great scandals or more prominent in the work floor like for example "Betty got pregnant again" or "Miley is such a racist and manipulative tramp, I hate her big boobs and her fake lip let's tell lie on her."

Sex ScandalEdit

Sex scandals happen everywhere even in the janitor's closet which is smelly and disgusting. Turn right mind would have sex in there that is this is just unsanitary.

The paparazzi or the pizza delivery man also produces scandals on TV and more viewers watch. This

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