Sausagewurst Empire, a former megalomaniac country and empire that was part of Your-Rope (1846-1867) which was destroyed by madmen and politics. The "Sausage Republic" was a puppet state which had its eyes on becoming a successful country in the future. However the Wiener Republic was the runner up and took the job in 1918.

History Edit

The region was known for the best sausage in the world. Johann von Wiener founded the city of Brottwurstburg and set it up as capital of the region in 1847. The Pope Beefinio XI declared martial law in the Sausage Kingdom well not exactly he just pretended to be a Pope to the people but the people rejected him. Then in 1878 the kingdom was brought down by the Flinch Kingdom well that became a problem for the people free they refused to accept them as a king and they 1907 be headed him in front of everyone.