Rudeness is a term that describes the "evil, nasty, and harsh" behavior of a person's actions.


Loving money is rude and your crazy like this lunatic!


What is Rude? Edit

Take these rude Shakespearean insults:

Thou art a infectious clapper-clawed bladder.


Thy bawdy hasty-witted boar-pig hath a ill-breeding giglet.


Thou art a bawdy hasty-witted boar-pig.


Thy frothy elf-skinned giglet hath a spur-galled varlot.


Thy artless unchin-snouted maggot-pie hath a rough-hewn boar-pig.


Thy gleeking rude-growing baggage hath a folly-fallen scut.


Thou art a clouted dizzy-eyed miscreant.


Thou art a bawdy hasty-witted maggot-pie.


Thy saucy dizzy-eyed flirt-gill hath a elf-skinned mammet.


Thy pribbling bat-fowling hugger-mugger hath a sheep-biting clack-dish. 

This is how humans behaved during the 16th to 17th centuries.

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