A piece of meat that has been spoiled for centuries and also used as fillers for fast food restaurants such as McPukey's, and Fart-O-Burger. Yes that's right you heard from the source rancid meat is used for mostly crappy foods and cheap thrills.

Hide the Menus Edit

DO NOT READ THE MENU! this could be detrimental to your health and safety food is good for eating but not for your body when it's over a century old. However if you are a zombie this is totally safe and also sanitary.


Rotten Meat Types Edit

  • Turkey a la putrid
  • Beef stomach sore
  • Pork with parasites
  • Tapeworm cut
  • Maggot steak
  • Rancid green ham
  • La meat du pustules
  • Worm-meat

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