Republicani Party, GOP, The Good Old People, a religious sect and political party of the United States. They protect the people from the darkness of the Liberals by dueling with pollsabers, an ancient weapon capable of electing and impeaching an official.

History Edit

The Republican Party was created to hinder the Liberalizers during the Third Moon War between Liberal Moonites and Human Republicans. Then a treaty was sighed ending the Moonite Wars. But as soon as the Republicans signed a Moonite assassin jumped on the Republican ambassador.

The Moonite RebellionEdit

Moonites did not approve of the Republicans once more the Fourth Moonite War broke out claiming 200,000 lives. But the Republicans triumphed over their rivals with Republicanomics.

Current SituationEdit

The Moonites attacked the Republican Party recently for being to slow to react. But once again the Republicans played Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue and the Moonites were defeated again.

Republican BeliefsEdit

  • Abortion is wrong. (YES IT IS TOO!)
  • Freedom of speech unless you're a Moonite.
  • Anti-Feminism (falsely claimed)
  • The rights to overthrow dictators.
  • Taking power away from Liberals.
  • Anti-Liberal Marriage
  • Checking democracy still exists.

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