Fling, a serious thing to have with some one. The humans have many relationships with people and they end up in total chaos. The people in the relationship could face dumbasses, perverts, uncaring coworkers, stupid gossip, and more idiots.

Human ContactEdit

Humans always had relationships and disastrous results followed when they failed. The humans are professionals at having rocky relationship between other people. Men are always the ones who gets burned and fall hard.

Work & Relationships Edit

At work couples are restricted to even talk to each other as a part of the "popularity control" system. This has been an ongoing series of issues with the coworkers acting like stupid control freaks and insane wackos that should be lock up. Here's a few common crazy coworker crap that was said:

  • "Don't go out with him, go out with me a 40 year old pedophile with no future!"
  • "Why you wanna go out with him?"
  • "He's a terrible person because I'm really jealous and refuse to let my sad, sorry self from stop making others upset!"
  • "Really wanna be with that kind of guy?"

Contemporary IssuesEdit