Canadia, an empire that rules the upper part of the United States of America. The Canadians rule their empire with some provinces and regions.

Canadian Empire


The National flag


Canadia was settle by Porkish tribes from northern Your-Rope in 1000 A.D. and then the Porkish made earldoms and duchies. The Porkish were then subject to wed wives from different lands. In 1230 the Canadians invaded the coastal regions and forced the Porkish to speak Flinch. They also gave these brutes goats 

The areas in red was Canadia during the time of Krumb.

and livestock to eat, which helped the economic crisis. Their king Krumb (1209-1279) united the country. more than three hundred years later Canadia was invaded by the French, and then the British.

Culture Edit

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Food & Drink Edit

Whiskey, beer nuts, nutmeg, and is the basic diet of a Canadian. Whiskey is produced in the northern regions of the country. The British brought whiskey to the area in the Colonial Era.

Politics Edit

The Canadia For Canadia Party is the largest political party in all the land. Then we have the Sausage Empire's Wiener Roast Party every summer that has the best food in town.

Popularity Edit

The Porkish were once voted the most dumbest people on Earth and Canadia. Not showing much for the rest of the world. Their popularity has skyrocketed up to 3% not good for the tourist bureau which the native language is the Flinch dialect.

World Affairs Edit

Government Edit

The Canadian People's Parliament is the supporter of legislation and non-Communist ways of life. Meanwhile the October Party is the minority partisan party that meets every October 23.