The Land of Nowhere, the most obscure of the states of America. This place is so obscure that no one knows where it is. Only the people in Charlotte knows where the hell it is. We know where state connected to the highway of opportunity and lost dreams. The Nowhere State is the toilet capital of the world. More diarrhea happens in this state than anywhere else in the Americas for a reason they too much beans.


The Nowhere State wasn't admitted to the Union until after the Civil War Between the States of Nebraska in Kentucky. No one really knows why they fought over this place but there's one thing for sure nothing grows here not a thing. There is a legend about to Bigfoot woman who carried of babies and federal peanut butter. Really that's the story of the state no one really knows why even if we don't know it's a mystery way talk about such things. The Applesauce Mountains were the most beautiful mountains in the world they looked like two breasts with the Apple beetween them. Then came a man named Beans Desmond who ate too much beans then died from a massive heart attack later it was revealed that a bean was lodged in his throat. The the ghost of Beans Desmond was seen trying the the tables at Last Beggars. is girlfriend Tallulah Rosemont was in town for the weekend get away. But was awakened by Dez's agony.


Economy sucks here!

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