Moon People, a bellicose race of obnoxious and intelligent humanoids.

Empire of the MoonEdit

The Moonites established an empire on the surface of the Moon. Their plans were to hinder the Earth from getting power by making them promiscuous women to tempt them. On Earth they have the Moonite nation. They fight against Republicans and sided with the Liberal Party.

Moonite EmpireEdit

The Moonites taxed the Republicans by the wishes of Lord Obamajuana. Then a mothership of Moonites invaded the Earth and planet Wyzzian.

Annoying CousinsEdit

The Lunar people always annoyed the piss out of the Moonites and the fact they lack red eyes, and green skin. They're more like humans. "Holy crap they annoy us and the way the chew their freaking food!" and that's a common complaint of theirs. The Lunar people are more civilized and have sophisticated weapons than Moonites.

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