Although “meep” is a nonsense word signifying nothing, nonetheless it’s use has been banned by the principal of Danvers High School in Massachusetts, and "meeping" now means suspension. Sounding very much like the Road Runner’s “beep beep” utterances signifying, “coming through!”, meep means nothing, and was created as a more or less explicative for bungling lab assistant Beaker of “The Muppet Show.” Students thinking that using the word was a really neat way to interrupt class by “meeping” the teacher, was given birth through a plan initiated on Facebook. Danvers High principal Thomas B.M. Hurry sent parents an automated “meep” message advising parents that if their children used or displayed the word and continued to use it as a distraction technique they would be suspended from school.The message warning was made necessary because students ignored his dumbass request to stop the meeping. Danvers High sophomore Melanie Crane confirmed that “meep” has no specific English translation, and doesn't mean anything in particular.

What We Should Do? Edit

  1. Blog about this stupid fascist principal.
  2. Start a "Meeping Revolution" and overthrow this wannabe dictator.
  3. Take this problem to the Supreme Court.