Soviet Martian Union was a dumb country who thought they took over the galaxy but they really didn't instead they took over themselves. Then came a big war with themselves and also many many men died from: sifilis are the sniffles. the Soviet Union also purged a lot a of its green skinned citizens and nearly destroyed themselves again. Then came Mr. They who rebuild the Empire but was later assassinated by the Red Hood Gang.

Peanut the Greedy's RegimeEdit

P/e:an:utsk:ý was a tyrant and dictator of the MARTIAN SOVIET UNION! he looked like a mouse with muscles and a huge brain that had protruding veins. His syphilis was legendary in Hell.

His favorite phrase was quote "You got the body and I got the brains and there's nothing you can do about it so DIE!"


The Soviet Marshalls were purged this caused the Empire to recall doomsday apps and say we're done here we're finished goodbye world we hated you. Then came a series afraid by US forces who invaded the former Soviet compounds and found nothing but losers of all kinds crapping their pants like chicken shit. From this day forward the Soviets were not ever left with any funding. But the lesson we learn is the MARTIAN MENACES forget that we invent the puklear bomb. Yeah we didn't learn anything because this article screwed up. The Soviets keep going on rambling about their daily bills. now but your ass is still paying for all the damages what you did to others yeah that's the price you have to pay so be it genocidal scum bags of the earth oh wait the universe. So we learned nothing from this class except opiates suck.

Vladimir PutinEdit

The current leader of the USSMR is Vladimir Putin and his dirty schemes to get the world to become an ungodly mess of nuclear wastelands and a plague ridden abomination called political supremacy of the entire world and established a Martian State that controls the Earth.

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