The ideal human man.

"There is foolishness in the world, and it lurks in the hearts of men!" Butticus(45 B.C.)

Nature's greatest folly is the man and his blunders. The man was doomed when the moment he ate the apple from the forbidden tree. God told him not to do it and who does it HE #!@#@$ing does!

Modern Man Edit

Modern man did not learn from his mistakes at all. In fact the evolution of his brain has slowed since the |Golden Age. Sick and perverse man has gotten over the years. The cornography he reads has rotted his brain some more. Also man is so preoccupied by sexual feelings that they become agressive apes again. Men seem to be attracted to women as a result this could lead to good or bad consequences.

Man & WomanEdit

The relationship between man and woman hasn't been positive or negative. The woman has always been the nurturing side of man. But man has been the loner and the protector of woman. This has been the order of things since the dawn of Chaos and goats.


Culture Edit

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