Lord Dope Geckolo, The Big Geck, the main antagonist of Dragon Cubes and the arch nemesis of Bulma Briefs. He was the founder of Greck Shampoo Company before becoming a dictator.


Early LifeEdit

Lord Geckolo was born in 3,000 B.C. on planet Dweebak hatched from an egg. He was subjected to torture, pain, liberalism, and other forms of hateful treatment. Then in 1939 he invaded planet Thumbak and turned it into a sewage waste dump. Sometimes it's thought that Lord Geckolo was related to Hitler or he was just another stupid villain. However the planet Dweebak was blown up by Freezerboy and the Dweebakians were all killed nobody really cares. he also harassed the Fantastic Farts. He also thinks everyone doesn't deserve each other.

His PowersEdit

Fist of the Greenass a move that makes him able to kick sombody's butt without his actual foot. Green Kick of Asskicking Mayhem don't ask! Green Groping Whiskers trust me this is for the ladies only!


His henchmen are called Corporationators who force people to shop at his stores.Lord G is no one to mess with he will kick your ass and toss you in the garbage. if you think the make a mad you will have a big ass hurting. That's what his henchmen would do everything described.

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