Liz phair-ant in alaska

Liz Phair in her magic realm.

Liz Phair,Oriole of Delphi, an oracle like out of the Matrix whose songs inspires the feeble minds of man. She is a lovely creature and an indie rock star. She chants with her songs.


She might have been born in 1967 B.C. and was reborn 700 times to sing and chant to men in their dreams. Her first albums were What Men May Want, Girlopolis, Virgo Rock, and Damn you Aphrodite!. She once taught Angryman to write out his suicide note be he wrote "She tempted me today again with the rest went to hell!". Then Angryman made a shady deal with Liz Phair to write him a song on immortality. But the next day she refused and was cursed to Hades for half the eternity. Then she escaped to Eyegypt to stay hidden for a thousand years.