Big Brother Liberalism, the word liberal has a new meaning "supporting the negative while looking positive" and the attacks made on other parties are "Conservatives are the devil!" and "Republicans eat babies!" has been seen throughout the United States.



A liberal generally supports many of the following political positions and practices:

  • Lying to the public.
  • Big spending on crap that can't be used.
  • Banning teens to have dances and social events.
  • The right of making others angry with verbal crap.
  • Orchestrating the War On Christmas
  • Taxing people who sing in by holding up signs that says "Singing Causes the Enviroment to Die!"
  • Banning the word God everywhere.
  • Giving the rights to rip out intestines.
  • Silencing people with mafia tactics.
  • Banning rat sperm research

Sleeping with the EnemyEdit

Liberalism believes that people should talk to homicidal dictators who wants to blow up America. Johnny Boy Kerry is the one whose name comes to mind.

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