You can't win a damn war America!!! As long as I exist you're not even going to live on a Moon dollar! rise up Martians we have a big job to do we're going to take America insure them that they cannot win against us show them they're powerless -John Kerry addressing the Martians to invade Earth


John Kerry, John Khaaaan!!!!, a liberal Democrat and puppet to Obama who is de facto dictator of planet Keros. His rival is Republican Commander Chief. He was most controversial because he visited the nations who hated us and the rights we have. Kerry wanted us to know that he was powerful and where we are not worthy he is.

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Early YearsEdit

Kerry burned his medals he received during the American-Kerosian wars in a fit of misogynistic rage when he found out his wife left him after the war. He was found running naked down the street yelling "AGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" and when Christmas came he was the one who wanted to ban it. John was accused of being a Moonite sympathizer.

Diplomatic RelationsEdit

Johnny hasn't been successful in making allies in the past year due to his anti-Earth stance during a failed coup in the Senate. His budget for the Kerosian Empire has ran out and seeking asylum in America isn't happening after he insulted the President of the United States. His visits to Asscrackistan has been cancelled due to a war with the Ultrabastard Brothers.

Domestic PolicyEdit

His constant surveillance on his people and officials has been questioned by the Kerosian Senate. He's known to dress up as Zeus has been somewhat disturbing to his people. Kerry only cares about the immortality through the New Age cults and the writing of the Prophet of Earth.

Foreign PolicyEdit

Kerry allowed Russia take over the Crimea and North Korea have nuclear weapons. He failed to recognized the authority of American trade outside of Earth. His anti-Earth embargo has been underway because of America's alliance with SerSo Ink Inc. a multimillion dollar corporate office printer company.

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