Jerry "Jerrybuilt" Springer, the savior of television and the controversial television hosts in the world he uses wit and criticism. You get what you want on his show yeah you find out your wife cheating on you that's one of his super powers he can tell that you're lying. His powers or unlimited and his motives is to expose the truth about cheating people who are evil to each other. also Jerry Springer can also detect liars from 2000 miles away with his superhuman telekinesis is more than anyone can handle. He was known to explode a head in China.

Early LifeEdit

Jerry grew up in a suburb outside of London and he enter TV when he was very young. His power came later when he bumped his head on a rock while surfing. The gray hair on his head is really the veins of his brain ever pulsating like a boil on the leg. Jerry Springer went to New York to attend Academy of St Farticius.

His Powerful Grey HairEdit

His amazing grey hair picks up signals from cheating people and his guards captures the People who are cheating and their lives and bring them to the show. There powerful grey hair will determine who's who and then they break them up into categories. The grey hair also tells him what are they thinking about. Also the grey hair will make a final decision on which people will appear on the show or not.

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