United States of Iranistan and Unclaimed Territories, a screwed up nation located in the Middle of the World according to the Iranistanis. Hilary Clinton is currently residing in the nation as the first female Ayatollah since female Nazis took control in 1943 when Adele Hitler invaded the nation.

History Edit

Iranistan was founded in the early days of the world about 900,000 B.C. when the brutes seized power from other brutes. This started the Brutal Wars which is still going on today by nations of the Earth. Then many Ayatollahs fought for the supremacy of their own religious beliefs of Iranism.

In the later 20th century Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Ayatollah Kebab in Tehran and became the Ayatollah Galactus Khomeini the Eater of Nations. In 1983 the worst case of diarrhea plagued Iranistan and also caused international crisis when the United States Embassy was seized by terrorists demanding for laxatives and money from eating tainted meat from a fast food restaurant called Gut Punchers.

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