Hatros the Most Powerful, an all powerful god that is the ruler of the Known Universe and Everything Else Beyond Awesomeness. His wife was killed by angry farmers and ranchers who hung her by the entrails and also their family pig was butchered. Hatros chased the people who killed his lifestyle by kicking them in the manhoods. He became more angry with the countless generations of brutes who were the unfortunate offspring of the people who killed his wife and so on.

Hatros's Revenge Edit

Hatros ripped off many heads of his rivals and became known for his brutal nature towards his enemies. He earned his first 1UP during a huge fight against humanity and also monsters. Anyway as Hatros ripped off more heads and ate wild boar everyday a new threat from the cesspool of Haydeez called Anti-Hatros his long lost illegitimate brother and also his nemesis. Anti-Hatros was ranked as #9,000 most dumbest people in the world on Rotten and ugliest villain in gaming history. This pissed off Anti-Hatros off and he became an an alcoholic wreck.

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