Boyfriend's nightmare, a group of male friends of any girlfriend. It also can be her close friends but in reality it makes the boyfriend jealous.


"Why did I love you?"


Acting out by yelling profanity at your girlfriend is a bad start. But trying to out smart you girl's guyfriends is crazy and can lead to unfair and stupid criticisms. The boyfriend usually makes the first comment like "I am the only guy in your life, not them!" If tried to leave you you'll go insane and start killing her guyfriends in gruesome ways.

Then a series of murders would happen and you'll get life in prison after they catch you. "I'm innocent they tried to get in her pants!" however this would be an absurd and totally illegitimate statement.

Other Ways to Become JealousEdit

In other cases you could be considered a total ass and get dumped by your girlfriend for being a chauvinistic sociopath. "Ahhhhhh I hate your goddamn guyfriends why do you have such losers for friends!!!!" at this point your really jealous and will not stop until they're out of the picture.



Boyfriend vs GuyfriendsEdit

Guyfriend's traits:

  • Kind at first but when he's excited he'll try to get into her pants.
  • Willing to stand up for his female friend if she gives him a lap dance.
  • Will grab at her boobies or smack her rump.
  • He would brag about having a picture with her.
  • He would say disrespectful things about her body.

Boyfriend's traits:

  • A true gentleman and best friend.
  • He's the one she wants.
  • He's willing to die for her.
  • He'll show her respect and get a kill for doing tricks.

Jealousy & DefeatEdit

Yea we all know how the crap goes down in life we get a girlfriend and screw up!

Here's some ways we'd be defeated by now!

  • Nobody to talk to and us men would turn into serial killers and drink until we die.
  • Living in the basement of a stranger's house and never going out to meet new people.
  • Our female friends would ditch us afraid they too would be in the middle.

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