Freaks, a group of individuals with minor or serious deformities and also they live in ran down and abandoned houses made of dried feces and cardboard. Freaks come out at night usually to rob people and steal their money. They come in all shapes and sizes including big fat blimp that pisses off people confiscating their cell phones and also screwing around with the lives yeah the freaks must die all of them every single one of them.


Not so much a freak

History Edit

Freaks evolved from a single celled organism called freakazoids and also came a dark age when all freaks were persecuted and had no rights. The freaks especially the female freak are worst they try to flirt with men and also have sex with them so they can reproduce make more freaks.

Types of FreaksEdit

There are many types of freaks is so little time to explain but here it goes:

  • Ice Freaks, freaks that live in the tundra in the radioactive soil of nuclear test sites. They eat yellow ice and drink there own urine. Also they run naked down the streets.

What are looking at?Edit

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