FLANNCHEEE!!!!!!!, a country in Your-Rope and a leading producer of maggots, and rotten meat. Flanche also is known for the Crappy Musik Awards which is held every year.

History Edit

Flanche was created from a fart bubble from a primordial pool in 20,000,000,000 B.C. Then came the people who said " FLAAAAANNNNNCCCCHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!" and that's how the country got it's name. The history of Flanche The history of France began a long time ago with the brutal tribe called the Gauze, a people exclusively dedicated to the art of farting. During this time, the rest of Europe was nearly bankrupted by the brutal fartknocker tactics employed by the new land that would eventually be called France. With the advent of Christendom, Flanche adopted extreme pretentiousness to disguise a heathen attitude toward everything, notably religion and perfume.

The Gauze were eventually subdued by the Liberal Party and the Repto-Romans, and a nation was born. However it was an evil reptile race, the Neo-Romans, that made the Flanche we know today. They surpassed the Flatus to make a modern and cohesive hellhole, with a great people imbibed with an anaemic smug self importance. This distinctive Flatus attitude of self importance has continued till this very day. Under the new Monarchy, the Flatus became a powerful force in Medieval Your-Rope.

This continued until the Flatus Revolution in which the royalty of Flanche were "deposed" for the "Rights of Man". These events made France a ripe target and first port of call for the Les Grand Révolution upstart Napalm Bonafart. His awesome height of four feet and four inches inspired his hate fuelled vengeance for the rest of Europe and spawned the Napalmic Wars.

Population Edit

Today there is 30,000,000 people in Flanche 99.9% of the population is Fartknocker descent. The last Flatus died in 1939 when the Second Sausage War took place.

Culture Edit

Fartknockers make noises with their armpits and eat cheese called Fartknocken cheese made from fat, rotten milk, and maggots. They wear wigs and thongs as their traditional dress.

Trade Edit

People Edit

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