Women, Athenians, Amazonian princesses, a race of humans that served as man's burden or blessing. Their role is to be tough, nurturing, kind, and helpful. Some men however doesn't see that about them they rather use them as sexual objects.

Early History =Edit

But over the years females became powerful kicked men in the balls as their power progressed the Women's Rights gave rise to the Amazon race. There was a great race call the Amazon and they hated man named Bert who reproduced with them on occasions when they were bored with him they killed him and hung his head up to worship it. After reproduction the Amazon found another settlement and moved on.

Anatomy Edit


Women have two breasts and a stork that delivers babies every time they're pregnant. However women also have the greatest thing the world nipples yes nipples nipples provide milk and pleasure for men. Nipples are often detachable therefore women can have many nipples at one time all over their body.

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