Duchy of Lovato, a nation of demented Demi Lovato die hard fans but it was hounded by the government for having too much pop music and therefore it was shut down for a day so the Dictator Whitey Mussolini can have a dinner party for the Prime Minister Gatty Fathouse of Flanche. But a riot broke out that blew up the house of parliament in Leftover Square.


Nobody really cares about this region and also more people don't care about anyone in this country except for Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato's everywhere down the street her poster hangs in a candle lit chapel. But they came all to an end when Edward came to power and introduced the espionage nation under the Seahorse God's protection. Well people or mostly a few are atheists here but mostly the Seahorse God is worshipped by the idiot citizens of those dysfunctional nation. Chicken is the most rare things to find around here due to the America backed embargo of poultry that puts a standstill on the economy of the Duchy of Lovato.

Edward Snowden RegimeEdit

Edward Snowden was captured outside the borders of the Duchy of Lovato after he was convicted and sentenced to death but was pardoned by the Duchy of Lovato there he seized control and established himself the Il Duce of the whole Duchy of Lovato.