Donald Duck Trump, is the fat entrepreneur who runs the the show. His temper is legendary as a fickle and aggressive. Donald was never educated until you let the loan man in to his life he taught him how to make money by the touch of his hands and his hands were.

Early LifeEdit

Donald Trump was born in test tube created by a scientist with a limp lip and a bad breath problem. Then he grew up on planet Testeros and was captured by Sand Urchins. He drink the liquor of life and got drunk before he realized that he was being groped by a worm with a poop fetish.

He was a cheating lying son of a gun and two faced lawyer who doesn't like people. The the day that Donald bought the MGM Studios he was fired from his old job by Joel Bubba the Hutt. then Barack Obama was made a millionaire by Donald Trump. Donald Trump became builder of many many robots call the Obamazoids. Then came the clone wars between the two opposing parties the Killer Apps in the Republican Party. These wars going on for centuries before the Robo invasion happened.

Free Hamburger PolicyEdit

Donald hosted his Free Hamburger Campaign in Washington DC what was arrested by promoting the consumption of ground beef and sued the state but didn't win because Washington DC isn't a state.

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