Democraptic Party, the most hated political party in the United States and also the founder of the white supremacist group known as the KKK who terrorized minorities in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Racism, Ignorance and Hypocrisy Edit

The three principles of the Democrats are "Racism, Ignorance and Hypocrisy" and they do this so much. One minute they are for the people and the next they screw them over with hypocrisy and lies. The Jim Crow laws were passed on the African Americans, poor whites, Jews, Muppets, Squidbillies and other minorities in the South. Until the Republicans called in the United States Calvalry to kick Jim Crow in his ass.

The Liberals Strike Back Edit

Then came a different breed of Democrats called the Liberals, an obnoxious and hypocritical nation of heathens who destroyed the monuments and graveyards of proud Republicans in the Southern United States. Knowing they were outnumbered the Republican National Committee invaded the major cities held by the Liberal Democrats and Socialists in the area.

The Battle of Washington D.C.Edit

In 1925 the Liberals invaded Washington D.C. and unleashed an attack on the Republican Senate Building burning it to the ground. More than 2,000 people lost their jobs that day.

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