United Church of Annoying Saints, St. Chuck's Sacrilegious Church, U.C.A.S., a religion that believes that feces and gettin drunk is the key to happiness. The chukkas are the ones who messes up our religion and tells our children lies

History Edit

Chukkism was once called the Follow Me to the Hotel Movement in the 1960s when "free hotels" were opening. Papa Chukka founded a


The Chukkism religion has atheist and bias beliefs like Liberalism is a great religion, Obama is a God, America should become a dictatorship, and the master race are zombies. Their belief in evolution that they are the lucky ones and the rest of the people should die.

Annoying HabitsEdit

"This could lead to fungal infection!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HATE YOU APHRODITE!!!" Angryman

Chukkism is annoying like when somebody repeats a phrase again and again. "Shut up!!!!!! I don't give a crap!" this one of the common phrases if somebody mentions the word Chukkism.

Sacred TextsEdit

The Chucka-lucka-mucka-mucka is the chukkas sacred texts and they written it on public bathroom walls. The "We're the ones who lack urine!!!"


  • You have to reject the name of Yod.
  • No girlfriends
  • Have to be a virgin.

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