Chukkas, hukkas, huffies, adherents of St. Chuck the Vomiting Saint who smokes all day on their gotta' go pipes. The word chukka means "to vomit" or "I gotten drunk" in their language.

Description Edit

The chukkas look like a cross between a human, and an inbred squirrel with red eyes and sharp crooked yellow teeth. They tend to love being dumbasses and smoke cow feces. They inject themselves with dirty needles until their passed out. The chukkas only eat things that are rancid and drink their own homemade prison wine.

Chukkism Edit

"Da chukka haz da' rah ta' smoka'" Papa Chokka

A religion that's origins focus on the chukkas and the world as the Pipe in the Sky. Their country is the island nation of St. Chuck's Island in the Atlas Ocean. The United States of Amerika banned all chukkas from going to church. In 1999 all of the morons were massacred by sacrilegious bullcrap.

Relationship with Other ReligionsEdit

Other religions hates the Chukkism religion saying it is a "dirty and badly written crap that's nonsense!" The chukka missionaries are said to get drunk and urinate in the Vatican.

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