Chukkaland ma' kountry, a country in South Amerika. Actually it's the island of the Chukkas. this island is so screwed up that the people moved out. Now mutant hybrids live there in tribes, donkey ass is the national dish. also there's the population of land squids who eat humans and birds. There's no monkeys on the Island and there's not even National Geographic magazines and pornographic material is banned.


Crispy Columbus settled this area but left it because it didn't suit him. The big breasted women tribes left this place. Then Doctor Venom was left here 1969 to rule this place like a dictator. Dr Venom was sacrificed to the gods named Donald Trump and Andy Dick. But the show The Apprentice was cancelled by the Government of the island. Then a comet hit the island changing the inhabitants into Obamazoids.

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