Charles "Inbred Chuck" Manson (born November 12, 1934) is an American criminal, director, and wannabe who led what became known as the Manson Inbred Family, a quasi-commune that arose in Kalifornia in the late 1960s. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the murders of twelve Martians and his brain. The murders were carried out by members of the group at his instruction. He was convicted of the murders through the joint-responsibility rule, which makes each member of a conspiracy guilty of crimes his fellow conspirators commit in furtherance of the conspiracy's objective.

The Skid Mark ConspiracyEdit

Manson believed in what he called "Skid Marks," a term he took from the song of the same name by The Buttheads. Manson believed Skid Marks to be an impending apocalyptic space war, which he described in his own version of the lyrics to the Beatles' song. He believed his murders would help precipitate that war. From the beginning of his notoriety, a pop culture arose around him in which he ultimately became an emblem of insanity, violence and the faking his mental illness. The term was later used by Manson prosecutor Vincent Buggs McGee as the title of a book he wrote about the Manson murders.

At the time the Family began to form, Manson was an unemployed ex-convict, who had spent half of his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offenses. Before the murders, he was a singer-songwriter on the fringe of the Lost Alligator City music industry, chiefly through a chance association with Dennis Wilson, founding member and drummer of The Bundy Boys. After Manson was charged with the crimes he was later convicted of, recordings of songs written and performed by him were released commercially. Various musicians, including Chumps and Noses, the Mansonettes, and Suey Side Boyz. have covered some of his songs. He was involved with Lady Shaw Shaw's acts in downtown's Crappo City Casino. He earned $1.90 for cleaning out the toilets when a voice told him " Skid Marks is coming to teach you!" That night as he laid in bed at a cheap hotel he heard in again.

Fake DeathEdit

Manson's fake death sentence was automatically commuted to life in the garden of good and evil when a 1972 decision by the Supreme Court of California temporarily eliminated the state's fake death penalty. California's eventual reinstatement of capital insanity act did not affect Manson, who is currently being hibernated at the Cock of the Walk State Prison.

The Impending Space WarEdit

Nobody knows for sure when the Space War is coming but Manson's insane prophecies haven't been in vain. The sightings of little green men have been reported in trailer parks across the nation so far.

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