The Free Web of Casebook, is a cult of teens, Mafia members, and scum who rather make the world a bad place to live. All the time in the world and people are still on the website blabbing and complaining about their bullcrap. Michelle Obama is now available on Casebook and also her verbal cesspool of political crap.

History Edit

After the Soviet Union broke up and people felt safe again the United Internet Federation created Casebook. Unfortunely the plan back fired and created CB-300 robots who wants to rule the world. Meanwhile a resistance is on it way of eliminating these threats. When the Obama administration found out that people were eating hotdogs and also junk food he told his wife and also their strange mutated clones to be on alert. Now the NSA is buying a huge portion of the site and also the FCC was found using Casebook to prey on the consumers. Then the FCC was fired and put away for 50 years in prison however the NSA kidnapped and held the town's residents of Nowhereville hostage.