"What died?!" - George W. Bush

Kable City, a disgusting city and capital of Asscrackistan that is made of rubble from Beirut's capital, a pile of old automobiles, slums, old factories, toxic waste. The inhabitants are called Cablites
Common building
who lived in cheap apartments. In 1968 the population was 34,000 but dropped to 450 people. This caused an uproar in Asscrackistan making the government angry and creation of the Talibanana.


The Dorkish tribe called the Rotguts founded this dump in the 20th century B.C. as a fornicator colony, resort and outpost for deviants. Then the Great Cheating Tramp put to death King Nutticus the Endowed for being a womanizing idiot. In the Fartican Era the city of Kable became a city for thieves, libertines, and sadists.

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