The House of Bush ruled the United States of America like a family regime and the Liberals made us suffered through many wars, economic and rights violations. As an Emperor George W. Bush did live up to his word with trying to end the War in Iraq. He called his own American people Patriots and noble savages.

Vetoed Things Edit

  • Liberal stem cell research
  • Goat rights for all hooved animals
  • The legalization of florb.
  • Allowing liberalese from being our national language.
  • Domestic liberal farming.
  • Obamacare

Second Reign of Glory (2005-2009) Edit

We saw the most greatest years in the US. John Kerry was defeated by George W. Bush in the second election. This was a shock to the nation as people were too stupid to realize Bush wasn't destroying our country rather than helping it. Meanwhile Kerry was building up an empire.