An old world plant that contains rabbit urine and flea dung.


Botox was discovered by a very angry person who didn't like his wrinkles or her wrinkles and her name was Dr. Suzy Bell and she was never even pretty, anyway Botox wasn't even marketed until angry liberals wanted to change people's faces to test out the liberal eugenics project. Then also Democratic dictator John Canary wanted America look like him and his own image but Adam and Eve kicked his butt and a big giant apocalyptic battle.

Botox Laws Edit

  • Botox is not right for everyone.
  • The 90% of the time Botox is safe.
  • The other 9% of people are subject to septic shock, vomiting, mood swings, mutations, blood-clotting, membrane damage and other one thousand side effects.
  • The Liberal Party thinks that they deserve Botox.