"Damn you people who opposes Hermes!" Angryman

Atheism academics, a school ran by the dumb education system. Teaching children that Gods do not exist is sick and twisted. No wonder the world is screwed up. They banned birth control, condoms , love, freedom of speech, rights, and television.

Atheist academics are becoming dangerous for all worshippers and people everywhere. Last year American youth were victimized by atheist bastards and humiliated in their schools by atheist teachers. Now the New Atheist Partners Inc. are preaching that pigs fly and evolution is a bigger lie. About 35% of atheists claimed they still lived at home and were left to worship their own way. In reality people hate the gods and the powers of good.


Many children are taught to

  • Hate, HATE!!!!!!!!!
  • Act like Nazis saying "Heil Atheist!" and wearing the hate symbol.
  • Kill non-atheists
  • Worship the void.

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