Fascist Piggy Fried Republic, or Armed Piggies Republic of Arkslandia, a country in Europe that ceded from the nation awhile back and became a province and proving ground for fascist pigs and their leader Führerswine Ralph Pissler II became the leader after his father's death in 1989.

History Edit

King Gustav of Noway was the first man who ever established a polygamist nation in under the constitution in 1166. Then in 1875 Queen Mary of Fartingham came to power by killing her rivals and also the Duke of Cheeseburg. However this didn't work out and Queen Mary was beheaded by the Fartingham Royal Guards. In 1918 Arkslandia became a fascist state by selling the Royal Family's health insurance to the highest bidder and Ralph Pissler became the dictator of Arkslandia establishing the First Reich.

Economy Edit

The country is a major producer of saws, lumber, arks, hobos, bigamy, soiled clothes, and rancid food. About 90% of all rancid meat comes from Arkslandia and also dirt is the major product that's exported to other countries.

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