Aphrodite Jones, a big busty sexy Slavic goddess from the Blue Sea.



Her pendulous bosoms were famous before her body was created. Aphrodite gives men milk when they ask but if you piss her off she'll poison you. Horny teenage Geek boys used to poke her udders.

Aphrodite Jones

Her PowersEdit

Aphrodite's assets are her huge bosoms and her ability to change her eye and hair color. She has never had children nor does she want any. Aphrodite's man was Hermes but he was too much in a hurry.

Her Breasts as WeaponsEdit

Aphrodite's breasts were used as weapons and men were clubbed to death by them. In fact Aphrodite never showed Medusa any mercy in High School. Poseidon was also clubbed by her powerful boobies.

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