Angelica Boobaloni

A retro painting of Angie

NameAngelica "Angie" Boobaloni
Date of birthImmortal
StatusWe hoping single
Special talentsBouncing her breasts
First debut2007 B.C.
Known forHer large pendulous breasts, big butt, smile


Princess Angelica "Angie" de Bùbollezzo, a very hot Italian goddess and princess with huge breasts and sexy eyes. Her sexy poses made men excited for years. She now lives somewhere over the meatball.

Early LifeEdit

Angie grew up on a small farm of busty women and she was chosen by a farmer to feed his young but she refused to cooperate with him the one day a modeling agency came to town. Then her boobs became in the new national sensation but the legacy was almost cut short when lawsuits happened about her her being for being real. She wants really huge elephant tricks and she doesn't like when guys touched her boobs. Yeah when she was all a away to success her apartment was robbed by Feds and found nothing but candy is a dirty magazines. Angie sued the IRS for fraud and conspiracy against her hooters.

Her BoobsEdit

Her breasts became legendary when she nursed an adult male who was having trouble feeding himself and was deprived of proper nutricious value of milk. Angie also fed men milk but instead of swallowing it they threw it up again.

Years later she went on model and her boobs grew even more and smothered her boyfriend Shawn Treebrow.

Her WorkEdit

Her udders are featured in lots of websites like the place for udders.

What are her boobs made of?Edit

Her boobs are made of udders and she had them when she was found eating grass and being milked.


Really? I can touch them?Edit

"No she changed her mind you can't touch them though you can walk back to your car and crash it in the tree. Also what you can do get the hell away from her before I kick your ass okay got it so we don't want any problems not do we? Now scram!"

Well her boobs are nice why does everyone wants to touch them? well it's plain and simple they're really huge look really that they're sexy. Well that's your answer you can't touch them okay so get over it you horndog. But what you can do is shoot yourself too. Take a gun pull the trigger and shoot yourself.


Lawsuits & ControversiesEdit

Silicon Test LawsuitEdit

Her breasts were called fake by many heaters and some of them were sadist masochistic a-holes.

The lawsuit one on for a while but was dropped because of stupid funding people stop being interested but the million dollars was never there and all of it was never there either.

Boob FraudEdit

An atheist said her boobies were fake and not real in fact he was wrong and was fined $2,000 for vandalism of Angie's car and burning her bras. The scandal ended with a big lawsuit that resulted and stupid law being passed about penalties accusing people that have fake breasts should be protected by a new law called the Boob Laws, which states anyone with fake or real boobies are protected by the courts. Well this was another gimmick from the US or should we say the world.

Brassiere AffairEdit

Some guys broke into her apartment and her golden bra. Then she called the cops and no one didn't do anything about and it ended up to be somebody well there wasn't any proof. Then came a series of death threats from random people on the Internet. But sometimes fate works itself out when she discovered that her golden trinket wasn't stolen it was stuffed under bed. For the moral of the story is nothing because its stupid it doesn't make any sense.

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